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101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being on Pet Radio with Host, Robert Hudson.  I was invited to speak about being a professional pet blogger and to talk about the recent BlogPaws conference from which I had just returned from.  I followed the first guest on the show, Dr. Jason Nicholas, BVetMed, who spoke about Puppy Safety and Health.

After the show I connected with Jason through Twitter and he offered to send me a copy of his latest book.  (One for me and one for a giveaway to a lucky reader) 101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog is by far one of the best books on raising your dog that I have come across. It's a part of the Start Off On The Right Paw Series (clever!) and I feel it's the kind of book every dog owner, especially a new one, should own.

Dr.nicholasPhoto credit: Alicia Dickerson

I really like the preventive angle, which is understandable for this book since Jason is The Preventive Vet.   It makes sense to be knowledgeable on factors that can lead to difficulties for your pet, as opposed to having them happen and then dealing with them.  There are 6 main chapters. (By the way, the book is delightfully illustrated by the talented Chuck Gonzales

  • Prevent Digestive Problems
  • Prevent Traumas
  • Prevent Toxicities
  • Prevent Disease or Recognize it Earlier
  • Prevent Multiple Problems
  • Be Prepared for Emergencies

The tips and advice in this book are plentiful, many of which I had never given much thought to. (But do now!)  Being aware of potentially harmful factors and understanding techniques that will help your dog develop socially makes you a better dog parent.    A few other highlights about this book are:


  • The incorporated QR codes provide easy access to additional information and further advice.
  • The information and tips provided are important for ALL dog owners to know - but especially important for those new or newly back to dog ownership.
  • The book is designed and written (and priced) to be the perfect gift to give someone you know who is getting a new puppy or adult dog.  (On a side-note - Puppy Showers are becoming popular) 
  • This book really belongs in all vet hospitals, shelters, and breeders.  Just saying. 
  • 5% of book proceeds will be donated to pet charities every 3 months.  More information can be found on the site or click on this; "Register your pet safety book". 



Jason offers a free gift to pet owners which is very useful, given the trying times we have with mother nature these days.  On the site you can get your FREE Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Guide for Pets.  Just sign up and you are sent a link for the download.  


Jason appears regularly on Good Day Oregon on FOX 12.    It's really worth checking out the TV segments on the website. Lots of great information.   I wanted to include this one on the post, where Dr. Nicholas talks about the affects of fireworks on pets.  Both Canada Day and The 4th of July are coming up and pet owners really need to be aware of potential dangers where fireworks are concerned.

You can purchase the book, 101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog here.  It's the best $9.95 you'll spend as a pet parent. 

GREAT NEWS!   I am giving away a copy of the book to one lucky reader.  You can enter here or on my Pet Blog Lady Facebook page


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Thank you Jason for writing such a fantastic book and helping peeps to become better pet parents.  (As many of you know, I like to use the word peeps for people) And by being better pet parents, we raise happier and healthier and safer dogs.    Works for me. 

But wait...There's more!  Here is another wonderful resource for dog parents, "Top 22 Tips on Keeping Your Small Dog Healthy". Thank you Diana and Micheal of Little Dogs RuleOur3doggies (1)