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Pros & Cons Of Becoming A Veterinary Technician

 Guest Author ~ Julie Lee



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When considering any career, there will always be a good side and a not so good side; the goal is to find one where the good overpowers the bad.  And with today's job industry, that can be especially tough, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.  Plus, nothing worth working for is ever easy.  Job searching requires tough skin, perseverance, and even a huge heart - especially if you're considering working with pets.  Having a career that works with animals, such as a vet technician, requires a certain amount of compassion and care as these people work through heart-wrenching experiences more often than not.  Veterinarian jobs are varied; challenging but also very rewarding.  Read on to uncover some of the pros and cons that these techs face every single day.


The Cons:

  1. Stressful situations:  While the pay may be satisfactory, the long hours worked by vet techs can be extremely demanding on the body.  Dealing with the death of pets and distraught owners can have an effect on these professionals.  Exposure to allergens like pet dander and fur, along with radiation are just some of the health issues vet technicians must deal with on a day-to-day basis.  Combine all of that with playing multiple roles throughout the day - receptionist, nurse, kennel attendant, technical assistant, janitor, and counselor - and you've got yourself one heck of a work day.
  2. Unpredictable Animals:  When an animal feels threatened or alarmed, it will try to defend itself.  And when in an unfamiliar area the situation could turn ugly, especially when the animal is sick or in pain.  In these cases, the animals are more likely to scratch or bite.
  3. Odd Hours:  Depending on the employer and his/her expectations, vet technicians may be expected to work on nights and/or weekends.  Inclement weather may not be exempt either.

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The Pros

  1. Pay: While a veterinary technician isn't necessarily going to start off at $20 an hour, this figure is a possibility depending on the location of the practise and the amount of experience in the field. And with room to grow within the field, the likelihood of a raise isn't out.
  2. Room for Advancement:  Veterinary techs have the option to develop within their field, which translates to more money and opportunities.  With an extra two years of education a veterinary tech may become veterinary technologist.  This position entails working in biomedical facilities, wildlife facilities, diagnostic laboratories, food safety inspection facilities, and drug and food manufacturing companies.
  3. Flexibility:  Along the same lines of the point above, vet techs have flexibility to work in a diverse set of environments, not just in a local veterinarian office.  This position is perfect for those who crave a continuously changing environment.
  4. Opposite of a Boring Work Environment:  People who make a career as a vet technician realize that the work environment is constantly changing every day.  It's not a mundane, sit-in-an-office-chair-all-day kind of job.  Interaction with various animals and the completion of numerous tasks throughout the day ensures an extremely productive and rewarding work day.



Julie Lee is a freelance writer who is passionate about pets.  She has written numerous articles on pet care but tends to focus on career and education topics.  Most recently, Julie has written about careers that focus on animal care, such as veterinary technician, as well and veterinary college training courses.  When Julie is not writing, you can find her hiking local trails with her dog Tyson. 



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Lorraine Frost

Hi Lisa - good article. This profession did not even exist when I started out in the workplace. Our vet even made house calls when I was a child - you never went to an office.

A-h-h - the good 'ol days!!

Thanks for sharing,


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