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May 2013

Ambrose the Pug - Now THAT'S a Tongue!

One of my favorite things about being a professional Pet Blogger is meeting incredible people and their pets through social media. Most often just by chance. It's like I have a Social Media Guardian Angel that directs me through the web to discover heart warming stories which I was meant... Read more →

All Animals Enjoy a Good Scratch - Scratch n All Does The Trick!

"When you can't be there, it's no secret that all animals enjoy a good scratch". That is the tag line on the Scratch n All website. I met the inventor and owner of the business, Cynthia, at the Global Pet Expo this year in Florida. The passion she has for... Read more →

Pros & Cons Of Becoming A Veterinary Technician

Guest Author ~ Julie Lee Photo credit: When considering any career, there will always be a good side and a not so good side; the goal is to find one where the good overpowers the bad. And with today's job industry, that can be especially tough, but that doesn't... Read more →

Much More Than Me. Wear the Change. Live the Love.

I meet the most interesting and creative people as a pet blogger. Often by chance through Twitter or Facebook or by random google searches. I discovered this gem of a business, the Much More Than Me t-shirt company when the owner, Caryn Casey reached out to me by email. She... Read more →