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Glen Highland Farm - A Camp for a Cause


Recently I was contacted by Debbie Lind, a Marketing Consultant for Glen Highland Farm - a Non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of abandoned and unwanted border collies.  She politely asked if there was any way I could help spread the news about what they are all about and I knew right away that this was a perfect fit for me. 

I hope you'll enjoy reading about this charming oasis and be inspired by their obvious passion for making a difference in this world.   I know that I am. 


Glen Highland Farm is a Camp for a Cause. It is great getaway where dog owners can experience a truly remarkable vacation with their dogs that was designed BY dogs for dogs and the people that love them. Dogs and their owners have come from all over the country and Canada to vacation here.

Glen Highland Farm, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to the rescue of abandoned & unwanted border collies & border collie mixes. Camp Border Collie for Kids, was a 12 year program that  promoted the principles of non-violence between children and their environment through work with the rescue dogs at the Farm.

The Farm is devoted year-round to the care and love of dogs and it's the only place where your vacation dollars go to a good cause - helping abandoned dogs.


GHFGetawayFlyer-002-002Here is the farm's website:

Canine Country Getaway:

Enjoy these activities in this spectacular rural setting (they are virtually tick-free). Hike in the woods, wander the meadows, swim in the creek, practice agility, play fetch, or simply relax with your pooch and take in the gorgeous views. There are also biking trails, fishing - catch and release. Take day trip to the Car Museum.

Lodging options include spacious deluxe RVs, wonderful comfy cabins and cottages and luxury tents.

Glen Highland Farm is located on 175 acres of pristine countryside in upstate New York.

Rentals available June through October. 2-night minimum stay required.

For more information, Contact the Farm


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