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Animal Acupressure - Guide for Common Ailments of the Dog


I have to admit I had never heard of Acupressure for animals before Deanna S. Smith introduced herself to me.  I had heard a little about the benefits of massaging your dog but thought of that as more of a way to relax and connect with your canine family member.   But this ancient practise goes far beyond relaxing an animal.  It helps to cure common ailments and restore overall well-being. 

Deanna sent me two books; Animal Acupressure Illustrated:  The Dog and Animal Acupressure Illustrated: The Cat. The layout of the books are very clean and inviting, taking the beginner (like myself) through a clear understanding about what acupressure is all about and how to apply it to their pet.  

  • Acupressure Overview
  • Anatomy
  • Meridians and Vessels
  • Using Acupressure 
  • Treatment charts. 

She has also includes a listing and treatment techniques for several common ailments that can be addressed using acupressure.  Just to name a few are:

  • Allergies of the skin
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Diabetes and Thyroid   (and many, many more)


Beautifully illustrated, the book serves as an excellent manual to get you started on how to learn acupressure and subsequently, help your pet live a better quality of life.  With Oscar having just turned 12 and showing clear signs of aging, I have been using techniques under the "Geriatric category".  In just a few short weeks he seems spunkier, more alert and not what I felt was "depressed".  I am just starting to work on his Dental Disorders, as Oscar tends to get swollen gums and bad breath.

 You can find her series of books through Amazon and they are very resonably priced.  For what they can do to help your beloved pet, they are priceless!



About Deanna S. Smith ~ She is a graduate of Arizona State University, with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.  She has been studying and researching many forms of energy healing since 1985.  Animals are the main focus of her art, her energy work and her home.  She put these acupressure books together in hopes that more animals will benefit from knowledge passed down from the Chinese Healing tradition. If you wish to contact her, please send an email to 

You can LIKE her page on Facebook:

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Thank you Deanna for writing and illustrating these delightful books.  I really hope pet lovers out there will discover the "magic" of acupressure and the benefits that result from practising it on their furry, feathery and leatherly family members.  




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