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One of my favorite things about being a professional Pet Blogger is meeting incredible people and their pets through social media.  Most often just by chance.  It's like I have a Social Media Guardian Angel that directs me through the web to discover heart warming stories which I was meant to know about. (This leads me to picture an angel holding an iPad in one hand and an iPhone in the other).  

Meet Ambrose the Pug.  Just by chance I found him on Twitter.  I contacted his parents and had them send me information on their furry kid.  You have got to love his award winning tongue.


"Ambrose is definitely a character, and was the greatest addition to our home.  We adopted Ambrose from the Pacific Pug Rescue, just outside of Portland, OR shortly after we got married (I believe it was July of 2008).  Prior to that, he unfortunately had breathing problems that prevented him from ever getting much sleep.  Around the age of 6, Ambrose had a tracheotomy in an attempt to fix his breathing, but from what we were told, the first one was botched and his breathing wasn't any better than before.  That's when he was given to the Pacific Pug Rescue, and they held a fundraiser for Ambrose to get him a second tracheotomy. 

PicMonkey Collage

We fell in love with Ambrose's grumpy pug looks on the PPR website, and arranged a meeting at our place.  He had just recently had the second tracheotomy, in which a tube was placed in his wind pipe to keep it open, as it had a tendency to collapse.  With this second surgery being successful, Ambrose now loves to and gets plenty of sleep.  He loves to go for walks and car rides, and is quite an attention hog.  When sitting on the couch, he insists that his head must be resting on one of us at all times.
Ambrose's tongue sticks out at nearly all times.  The happier he is, and the hotter it is outside, the longer it appears to be.  But on the flip side, we can always tell when he's angry, because it's the only time that his tongue is completely in his mouth.
We also recently got into the child adoption process, and Ambrose is helping us raise funds by generously letting us use his likeness for t-shirts, re-usable tote bags and more.
Thanks again for wanting to do a write up about Ambrose.  He's a truly great dog that has enriched our lives in an untold number of ways".
Thank YOU for sharing your story about Ambrose and your creative and heart-warming mission to save for an adoption.
Readers!  Let's help Ambrose have a sibling.  The items would make great gift items and with such meaning.  The items are limited so get them while you can.  Shop here.


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