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"When you can't be there, it's no secret that all animals enjoy a good scratch".  That is the tag line on the Scratch n All website.  I met the inventor and owner of the business, Cynthia, at the Global Pet Expo this year in Florida.  The passion she has for animals and her concern for their well-being totally shines through.  She has invented something so simple but yet so beneficial to animals of all kinds....even cockatoos.  Even peeps!  (Which as many of know, the word I use when referring to people).

What is a Scratch n All pad?  

ScratchnAll is an animal enrichment product used by domestic, barnyard and zoo animals

(The product description is from their website which they recently re-launched)  The site is very inviting by the way and easy to navigate.  I especially like the videos they have showing a variety of different animals using the product.  Now this is one very happy (and very large!) pot-bellied pig.   Wouldn't you agree?



And you can just feel the satisfaction this horse gets from being able to scratch under his chin.  I think horses have chins.  Whatever you call it, he gets a good healthy scratch from the Scratch n All pad. 



Scratch n All® pads are designed to give your pets a safe place to scratch - any time they feel the urge. The unique four-sided, curved, interlocking design lets you create a grooming surface as large or small as needed.  The pads can be mounted individually or in groups flat on walls or corners.



The Scratch n All pad is SAFE for your animals.  "When compared to the competition, Scratch n All® offers a safe and effective way of self-scratching so that the skin, face and especially the eyes are not harmed. Even though it's very durable, the small nubs on the pad are flexible which is comfortable, satisfying and non-irritating to the animal and it touches many key acupressure points".  This really sets them apart from other scratch product manufacturers.  


Martha Stewart uses the Scratch n All pads for her animals and technically she could use one herself.   As this handsome fella demonstrates in this video. 


You can order the product through the Scratch n All website or purchase from a local retailer listed here.    And another thing I really like about this company is that their product is Made in the USA, keeping jobs in the country and assuring excellent quality. 


Made in the usa


Scratch n All pads are used at zoos and wildlife rescue facilities.  This lynx is enjoying a sun bath and a nice scratch.  The simple things in life that bring us and animals happiness.   Click on the list of animals that are using this product. 

PicMonkey Collage

Thank you Cynthia for inventing Scratch n All and proudly making it a Made in the USA product.  (I noticed your press release, outlining your commitment to keeping the company in the USA).   The horses ALSO thank you... and the cats, dogs, cows, camels, cougars, deer, donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, goats, rabbits, sheep, zebra, cockatoos.......even the octopus out there.   

Readers!  Be sure to check out the wonderful product endorsements for Scratch n All.  Lots of happy customers.  And of course happy dogs, cats, cows, sheep, horses...........

Scratch n All can be supplied directly to retailers at wholesale prices.  If interested, please contacted Cynthia

ATTENTION MEDIA!  Cynthia is a senior entrepreneur who brought manufacturing FROM China TO America.  She has a very interesting story and would love the opportunity to share it on a national TV Talk Show.