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Yappy Hour Vineyards - An Epicurean Delight for the Canine Connoisseur

Logo with BottlesIs it really wine?

No, it is a non-alcoholic, gravy/au-jus. When you pour Yappy Hour Vineyards ‘dog wine’ over your furry friends dry boring kibble, it immediately turns into a meaty, succulent dish that will rival the qualities of wet foods! 

All of our Yappy Hour Vineyards varietals are made in the USA, totally of human grade ingredients in an FDA approved facility and are beautifully presented in a 750ml. glass wine bottles!!

Our ‘dog wine’ varietals include the following: 

  • Bark-deaux 
  • Pinot Tail-io
  • Grrrr-lot  
  • Char-dog-nay 


Who Would Buy This?

Our customers range from pet boutiques, doggie daycares, dog friendly hotels, dog lovers, wineries, wine collectors - to the person wanting a special housewarming or welcome new puppy gift!  Next time you’re invited to dinner take a bottle of wine for your 2 legged friends and a bottle of Yappy Hour Vineyards for the 4 legged family members.


Wine Varietals

Need a Dog Lover Gift?  Yappy Hour Vineyards has a great assortment of wine themed, dog lover gift baskets that include goodies, toys and treats for both the dog and their human.  You won’t find more unique dog lover gifts anywhere! 

Where We Ship:

US & Canada

Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing?

Absolutely!!  Wholesale accounts are available to pet related businesses that hold a valid resale certificate.  Want to try our dog wine before committing to a full order?  For a limited time we have sampler packs (1 of each varietal) available!  You can make inquiries or get more information at or you can email us at


About Us!

Michelle Gaylord (Dog Lover Gift Baskets & Eternal Paw Prints) & Tasha Nesbitt have partnered together to start Yappy Hour Vineyards which is based in Port Hueneme, CA and is dedicated to providing quality and healthy products that are completely made in the USA for pets and the people that love them.

 (Listen to their interview with Pets Life Radio) 

Contact Us:

Phone:  866-514-2090




(Congratulations to Michelle and Tasha on this wonderful business of yours.  So fun and creative!  Wishing you all the success in the world!  Big hugs from The Pet Blog Lady)  

Disclosure: (as required by the FTC)  This post is sponsored by Yappy Hour Vineyards



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