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What is Yummypets All About? The Pet Blog Lady Wants to Know!




Yummypets.com is the first community platform to serve pet parents.

 Launched in January 2012, the community has more than 120,000 members and 500 new owners join Yummypets each day.

The platform is currently available via the Web and mobile (Android and iOS).

The project was born from a desire of a technical and strategic watchfulness within Octopepper agency in Bordeaux, France. The initial model is oriented around two user-experiences of reference: Twitter and Instagram. In May 2012, the website announced a fundraising of € 1.5 million from Newfund to finance its development.

 After a year of existence, Yummypets imposes oneself as the first distributed platform dedicated to pet lovers in France.

 The community is built around a social network of photo and video sharing, supported by the introduction of services dedicated to improve the relationship between owners and their pets: ads (buy, sale donate), "lost / found" (community alert system to find a lost animal) and price comparison indexing over 25,000 pet products (pet food, accessories, toys, etc.).


Today, one in three of our mobile apps is downloaded in a english speaking country.
Yummypets therefore began its international expansion with the integration of language ecosystems facilitating interactions between users around the world. 
Services incidental to this network are currently being deployed in a dozen countries including England, Germany, Brazil and the United States.

WEBSITE: http://www.yummypets.com

IPhone App: 

Android  App:  


Tell me about the peeps at the office?  

There are 20 persons working in the office, including our 2 bosses. Our marketing team is composed of 5 persons working in France and worldwide. The rest of the team is dedicated to the well functioning of the website and the mobile apps, and of course, some still work for Octopepper! We are a very young team, between 21 and 31 years old. So there’s a great atmosphere in the office!


Are there pets at the office and do they have any special duties? 

We have four furry friends working with us: Leo a white and ginger cat, our CEO, Luís, a French bully in charge of the Portuguese speaking community, Fouf’ a norvegian cat in charge of the French community and Pixel a tabby cat, international brand manager.

They have lots of duties, but are allowed to nap, whenever they feel like it.

Thankfully, the cats and dog get along pretty well!

Of course many members of the team do own pets, but they don’t all work for Yummypets!



What does the future look like for Yummypets? 

Yummypets aims to become the essential platform dedicated to pet parents on the web.

We develop the project through structuring partnerships in target countries. Today, we have pre-identified three of them: the United States, Brazil and Canada.

We are always looking for our English partner…

We are also working on new technologies that allow us to optimize the relationship between the different actors of the pet ecosystem: Owners, veterinary, industrial, etc..


Thank you Charlie for answering my interview questions and yes....getting to France is on my bucket list.  Specifically to visit the office of Yummypets in Bordeaux!



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