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Many of you know I love the entrepreneurial spirit and especially admire clever "gadgets" that exist to make our lives as pet parents more enjoyable.  The Fifth Paw is definitely one of them. I use it everyday when out walking Oscar (aka Sir Fetch-a-lot) at the local dog park and I tell you, it's wayyyy better than carrying it around by hand.  Totally frees up my hand to take photos of my fur baby with my cell phone. (and one can never have too many photos of their dog)

The following is from the Inventor and Top Dog of The Fifth Paw, Stephen Longo.


The Fifth Paw® was conceived & developed with dog parents like you in mind. As the proud Daddy, and chief dog walker, of my two Great Danes Caesar & Chloe (now that’s a lot of poop!), I don’t need to tell you what a great bonding experience going for a walk can be. Holding on to a leash while carrying full bags of dog poop till you reach home is not only a drag, it’s unsafe. A quick transfer of the leash from hand-to-hand without juggling poop makes for a more controlled grip on the leash and a safer walk. With the use of cell phones year round and bulky gloves during the winter, the last thing we need is too add juggling bags of poop on top of it.



With the goal of making a more enjoyable and safer walk for your whole family, I designed The Fifth Paw® to keep your hands clean and in control while out for a stroll. Easy to use… The Fifth Paw® stays clean and tangle free.


The Fifth Paw® fits most medium and large flat-style woven (nylon, hemp, printed or velvet) or leather leashes to facilitate a more sanitary and satisfying walk for all. There are 2 slots, to accommodate both thinner 1-ply and thicker 2-ply leashes. Designed to work best with a 1-inch wide leash it also works with a ½ inch wide as well.




The Fifth Paw® gives you the freedom to enjoy walking your dogs even more. And if your enjoying it more, you can bet your pups are too! And it’s made in the USA!

This video demonstrates the product perfectly.  So simple yet so clever!




Their website is

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The Fifth Paw Blog 


Thank you Stephen for inventing such a handy product.  No more carrying around dog poop bags for this dog mom!


Disclosure: (as required by the FTC)  This post is a sponsored post by The Fifth Paw



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