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The Famous Pug from Belfast, Ireland ~ The One and Only Loca!

I am sooooo excited to write this post today!!  I had the wonderful opportunity to send interview questions to the one and only Loca the Pug, who lives in Belfast, Ireland.  Just by chance I discovered Loca on Twitter and totally fell in love with her as soon as I saw this video on You Tube. (she has several!) 


Her Dad Mal typed up her answers and sent along some photos too.  What a great dad! 

How old are you Loca?

Ehh.... 2 and 7 months ..... well actually I'll be 4 on the 21st June but Mum says a lady should never tell her real age :-) 
Where did you come from?  Did your family welcome you as a pup?
I came from a county in Southern Ireland called Monaghan - my mum and dad adopted me from there when I was 6 weeks old.  They got my brother Alfie at the same time - they only went for one pug but couldn't leave either of us on our own!  I'm really glad they got Alfie too because I love him so much - he is my best friend!  

Why can't you feckin' run?
Ehhh what exactly is wrong with the way I run???  Ahh I'm only joking with you .... I can't feckin run cos my legs don't feckin work awfully well :-)  I have a condition called Cerebellar Ataxia which are big words that mean 'very very special'.  It also means that I don't have very good control of my limbs and when I try to run my back legs go twice the speed of my head and front legs and the result is a disaster hee hee hee

What is your favorite toy to play with?
Well I love soft toys, especially rabbit soft toys, but they never last long because my sisters eat them! They simply have no idea how to play with a toy properly and think it is funny to rip the stuffing out of them - can we move on, this question is upsetting me :-( 


 Do you have any favorite games you like to play?
Ohh yes - I love to play hide and seek - when we are out in the field I hide behind bushes and watch my mum and dad go frantic looking for me - that really makes me giggle :-)   The 'blame game' is great fun too.  That is where I pee on the floor and blame one of the others - that totally cracks me up :-)))

Alena and Locapic

How long has your dad been helping you write songs about yourself?
It's almost a year now - the first one was about me running and we all enjoyed making it so much my Dad has made loads more - I love making them because it is great fun and I get loads, and I mean loads, of chicken :-)

Loca on the trike

Do you like cats?
I have two answers to this question.  The first, politically correct answer, is 'yes I adore the furry little critters'.  The second, truthful answer, is 'NO I feckin hate the very guts of them - spiteful, attention seeking, dangerous wee feckers who should be kept behind bars in a zoo!!!!  Oh dear, have I gone too far ??? '

PicMonkey Collageloca

How do you deal with the pupparazzi?
LOVE it :-)  I love the attention and how jealous my brother and sisters get - nothing a pug likes to hear more than human beans saying how gorgeous and cute they are - and if they throw in a bit of chicken well how much better can life get :-)

The familypic

Please share anything else you'd like to tell me.
The only other thing is I'd like you to tell people how happy it makes me when they write to me on my facebook page - I have loads and loads of friends on there and they send me wee messages and pictures of their puppies etc all the time.  It makes me soooo happy in my heart to read them and mum and I always have a great time reading and responding to them.  All us dogs really want is to be part of a loving family and to have loads of attention and love - oh and, of course, massive quantities of CHICKEN :-))) 

The trike



Thank you Loca for answering my questions!!


Everyone - Please visit Loca on her Facebook Page, follow Loca on Twitter and check out all of her You Tube videos.   Maybe one day I'll make the trip to Belfast Ireland to visit you.  And YES....I'll bring roast chicken.

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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

I know Loca is a female. Double checked my article to make sure I was correct. :)


Loca is a female!


Love Loca, she makes me laugh everyday!

Justeen Peacock

Loca is just the best love her to bits looking forward to seeing her at next Quay Vipers xxx

Tylers Nana

loca is a girl.

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