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Ahhhh.  I remember those days when we first decided we were going to get a puppy.  Oh my. So many questions.  Countless it seemed.  As a child our family had dogs but as an adult, this was my first "dog mom" experience.  I really wish there was www.mypuppy.ca around 12 years ago.



What is my www.mypuppy.ca?  It is an online resource offering over 1 million new Canadian pet owners access to peace of mind.

Puppies are undeniably cute with their oversized paws, big eyes and playful spirit. But without proper training those adorable pets can turn into less delightful dogs. Like new parents coming home from the hospital, new pet owners can feel overwhelmed when they bring home a puppy. 

With pet adoption showing no signs of slowing down, new and improved online resources are available for free at www.mypuppy.ca  to help pet owners make sense of the furry addition to their family.  Gone are the days of inquisitive phone calls to fellow pet owners, the pet store or a neighbour; Canadians can easily access pet related information with a simple click of a mouse. And by registering at this website, pet owners receive a complimentary information kit, an engravable pet tag and a coupon for puppy food.

The resources on the website are fantastic!  Literally everything you'll need to know from choosing the right puppy to health care, training and a FAQ section. 




EXCITING NEWS!!   I am giving away an incredible Puppy Prize Pack worth over $150 to one lucky reader!  (Open to Canadians only) To enter, you'll need to leave a comment below PLUS sign up for a free account on www.mypuppy.ca

And all new pet owners can register at Purina’s new website mypuppy.ca for information on everything you need to know for your pet’s first year and to receive a free kit that includes an engraveable ID tag and coupons for a free bag of puppy food.

This wonderful prize pack includes:

  • Puppy bed  A cozy bed for your puppy to sleep and dream in
  • Blanket and pillow set – A soft and cuddly puppy blanket with matching squeak toy
  • Puppy brush  Gently massage your puppy while making their coat shine
  • Dog bowl – Dishwasher safe with a non-slip bottom
  • Picture frame – A decorative way to display your best friend
  • Kong puppy toy – Made of special teething rubber, promotes proper chewing while soothing puppy’s gums
  • Pick-up bags and dispenser – Biodegradable bags and dispenser to help clean up after your puppy


I'll be making a random draw on May 18th, 2013.    Good luck everyone!


Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  This post is sponsored by Purina.  Prize is supplied by the company and will be shipped directly to the winner. 





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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Congrats to Sue Hunter, winner of the prize package from http://www.mypuppy.ca!! I will be in touch!

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

What a nice thing to do! I'm making the draw in a few days so good luck! And thank you for reading my blog!

Anoush J.

I saw this giveaway and instantly registered on mypuppy.ca, however I do not want to win this giveaway for myself but for my mother.

My mother does a lot of fundraising and donating to local animal shelters and thought it would be a great thing to win for her (as a belated Mother's Day and early birthday present). Because I know for sure she loves helping out in the community and spreading the love to those in need, especially shelters that do great things with donations.

Sue Hunter

What a fabulous gift! I do fundraising for a very small dog resce www.rescuedogsmatch.com and I am having a fundraiser on my farm in June. This would be perfect for that event.

I have registered my pups account on mypuppy.ca please enter me.

Sue Hunter


Awesome contest! I registered to mypuppy.ca too.. Great website, thanks for letting us know about it!

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