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Let Your Love Grow - How Your Pet Can Live On


(Oscar on his coffee break)

The other day I was at my Veterinarian's office picking up special dog food for Oscar (Oscar is prone to developing bladder stones) and we got chatting about how old Oscar is and how long on average do dogs of his size live.  Oscar will be 12 on Saturday (April 13th) which I'm pretty excited about. We tell him he doesn't look a day over 10 though.  Good for his Bichon Frise ego.

He is showing signs of aging.  Slower on our "walkies".  His eyes are a little cloudy and he doesn't hear the door bell ring half the time.  When he leaves this world it will be a very, very, very sad day in our home.  I never had children (none that I know of) and have always prided myself on being a loving "dog mom".  I'll be heartbroken.  No doubt about that.

Many of my readers don't know that I work part-time for a funeral home, Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Services here in Vernon, BC.  I work as a Funeral Attendant, ushering people to their seats in the chapel or church, seeing to the family members they are comfortable, handing out memorial cards and a few other duties.   It really is an "on call" position since it's not something they can schedule me for.  I find it very rewarding to be there for people who are grieving and it suits my personality and nature.  In fact I would do it regardless of if I was being paid or not. I have experience being around death and grieving and working as an attendant when needed is something I feel proud of doing.

Love 1

When I was at Barkworld Expo last year, there was one business there that I especially drawn to.  Let Your Love Grow is a company that creates a very unique product.  It is an organic mixture that enables a person to take their loved ones ashes and transform them into life giving soil. It is such an interesting concept and I am very glad to see something like this exists.  It can be used both for pet or human cremated remains.  This is from their website:

"Cremated ashes are harmful to plant life. The pH level of cremated ash is high as is its sodium (salt) content. No soil, including potting soil, will naturally correct the pH level. However, by blending Let Your Love Grow’s specially formulated mixture and cremated ashes, the harmful elements of the cremated ashes are not a problem. In addition to diluting the sodium (salt) and lowering the pH, the mixture nourishes and sustains plant life".


I had Bob Jenkins, the Co-Founder and President of Let Your Love Grow send me a kit recently to remind me what it was all about. (When you go to these Blogger Conferences, such as Barkworld, sometimes it can all be a blur upon returning home). Each kit comes with a formulated organic planting mixture, a measuring scoop for ashes, mixing instructions and a compostable bag.

I really encourage you to check out their website and learn more about how your pet's cremated remains can "live on" in a tree or garden.   You can purchase the kits (they come in different sizes) through their website of look for a retailer who carries the kits.

The kit is now tucked away for when the time comes and we have to say goodbye to our little Fuzzy Butt Oscar.  (aka Sir-Fetch-a-lot, Musty Rodrigues and Chubby Chenko)  Ahhhh....the many pet names we have for our pets.  But in the meantime I'll enjoy every day I have with him and feel blessed for what joy this little dog has given me for almost 12 years.


Oscar comes home
(Oscar's first day at home)


DISCLAIMER:  As required by FTC.  I was given a complimentary Let Your Love Grow Kit.