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April 2013

Yappy Hour Vineyards - An Epicurean Delight for the Canine Connoisseur

Is it really wine? No, it is a non-alcoholic, gravy/au-jus. When you pour Yappy Hour Vineyards ‘dog wine’ over your furry friends dry boring kibble, it immediately turns into a meaty, succulent dish that will rival the qualities of wet foods! All of our Yappy Hour Vineyards varietals are made... Read more →

Special Announcement from Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show

My pals over at Pets Teach Us So Much Radio have a very special announcement that I want to share with my readers. Be sure to tune in tomorrow (April 18th. In the meantime, to catch up on all things pet, look for the TPPCtv link (BlogTalkRadio) in the left... Read more →

Hollywood Pads Take the Pet Care Industry by Storm

Hollywood Pads have taken the pet care industry by storm and are the best pet pads on the market today. Made by Star Struck Pet Products, Hollywood Pads are the only shaped and printed pet training pads on the market today and this is the secret to their amazing success.... Read more →

Blogpaws 2013 - This Calls for an Infographic!

In just a few weeks Blogpaws 2013 will be here! This Social Media and Pet Blogging Conference is by far the highlight of my year. It's an incredible event where I learn, laugh, share, hug, cry (as we talk about how us peeps we can make a difference to animals... Read more →

What is Yummypets All About? The Pet Blog Lady Wants to Know!

Yummypets.com is the first community platform to serve pet parents.

 Launched in January 2012, the community has more than 120,000 members and 500 new owners join Yummypets each day.

The platform is currently available via the Web and mobile (Android and iOS).

The project was born from a desire of a technical... Read more →