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Hollywood Pads Take the Pet Care Industry by Storm


Hollywood Pad Dog_Pad

Hollywood Pads have taken the pet care industry by storm and are the best pet pads on the market today. Made by Star Struck Pet Products, Hollywood Pads are the only shaped and printed pet training pads on the market today and this is the secret to their amazing success. All dog owners have faced that difficult period of training and in the past the training pads available were the standard and quite ugly rectangular pads that looked like they came straight from a hospital. Hollywood Pads solves the problem of unsightly training pads by offering pads that individually shaped and printed to resemble a dog’s Paw or a Bone. Dog owners are thrilled to have a pad that is not only functional but that looks good on their floors. The pads actually become part of the home’s décor.

Bag and dog

These pads don’t just look good, they work! Hollywood Pads are made with the best quality material and the best drying agent available. In fact this drying agent results in a pad that dries to the touch in less than one minute! Those who have used the training pads offered by Hollywood Pads have been amazed at how effective the pads are as well as with the value of the pads. One satisfied customer recently said, “We used TEN square pads a day until we started using Hollywood Pads. Now, we only use ONE or TWO saving us lots of money!”

Hollywood Pads Dog on Stairs

Those interested in learning more about this company and the innovative new pet training pads can visit the new Hollywood Pads website, call 805.639.3488 or email the company at Hollywood Pads also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
and LinkedIn.

Hollywood Pads Pads

Many of my readers know how very passionate I am about the entrepreneurial spirit, especially when it comes to people in the pet industry.  I wanted to include this. The owner of Star Struck Pet Products, Donna Spurgeon, was interviewed by the Ventura County Star.   I find it very interesting to know what brings people to create what they do. I hope you do to and perhaps even inspire you to follow your dreams.  This is the interview: 

What prompted you to start your own business? I have had my own business “DS Design & Printing Services” for well over 34 years and decided to diversify. So, sitting at home one weekend, my little Brandi dog had become very sick with Pancreatitis and I had those ugly square pee pads everywhere and that is when it hit me. I grabbed a few pee pads from the package and started cutting them into shapes and started drawing on them with a felt marker and making them into something much more appealing on the floor than the everyday ugly square pee pads. I created a Paw shape, Bone shape, Heart shape, etc., and thought about the audience that these shaped pads would draw  that is when I decided to name the product, Hollywood Pads the Glamorous Training Pad, Where Fashion Meets Function

What is your educational and career background? Although I only attended High School, I am a self taught Typesetter, Graphic Designer and Printer and now Dog business Entrepreneur.

How much research did you do before starting your business? Attended trade shows, pet expos and researched about every company that sold dog products on the internet. That is when we realized that the only pee pads available on the market were the square pee pads. What were the most helpful sources, including websites? USPTO and my patent attorney who did extensive research which took a few months but, the wait was well worth it.

When were you the most discouraged? Dealing with a second manufacturer.

What company or individual do you admire? Jose Vega at the California Small Business
Development Center
, Los Angeles Regional Network.





Congratulations Donna on your successful business!


Disclosure: (As required by the Federal Trade Commission) This blog post is Sponsored by Hollywood Pads (Press Release provided)


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