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Daring to Wear Spandex for My Mission


Yoga with oscar 2


Oh my goodness gracious.  I can't believe I hauled out the old Jane Fonda-like electric blue spandex and did a yoga pose with my dog Oscar out in my backyard where my neighbors could see me.

Have a close look at my almost 12 year old Bichon Frise fur-kid.  Totally in Zen mode - with his mantra of Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Why am I doing this you ask at almost 50 years of age?  I entered a contest through the Lumeria Maui Resort Facebook Page, asking people to post photos of themselves doing yoga.  Okay, okay...This yoga "pose" is a bit of a stretch (no pun was) but I thought it would be creative.  

I'm really hoping my readers will take pity on me and vote for me to win.  I only have a little over 3 weeks to win it, but thought I would give it a college try.

As an incentive to vote for me, I am giving away a 20 x 20 Wrapped Canvas ($100 Value) which I will create for you using my business 

Canvas(Sample of a canvas)


All you have to do to enter is VOTE for me (Look for the crazy lady in blue spandex and my musty loveable dog) and leave a comment on this blog post or on my Pet Blog Lady Facebook Page.

And I guess more than just my neighbors will now have seen me wearing crazy spandex and being one with nature with Oscar (aka Sir-Fetch-a-lot).  Heck - It just might be all worth it in the end!

Thank to you all of my wonderful readers!!   And wish me luck!

Oh - And Oscar just told me his other mantra.  Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffff.