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This post is timely as I just returned from walking Oscar and with Spring almost here, once again it's Poopsville up at the dog park.  Doo-Doo Land.  It appears in the winter many people don't bother picking up after their dogs as they figure the snow will just cover up the evidence. Unfortunately  snow melts, dog poop doesn't.  Scientific research, carried out by MIT, Stanford University and even at one point, NASA,  has concluded that the bigger the dog, the bigger the poop.  Years of research and some infighting with various scientists (they can be a stubborn lot, you know) proves the strong correlation.

Here's another scientific fact.  Okay - maybe not scientific, but a fact nevertheless.  Picking up your dog's poop is not all that fun. Not fun at all.  It's actually quite unpleasant.  But HAS to be done.  Every dog owner needs to know this.  And clearly judging by our Turd Town doggie park, that message is not being understood.




Okay - now HERE is an invention worth writing about.  One of those "I wish I thought of that" kind.  It's called The Easy SCOOP A POOP.  The inventor of the product and CEO of the company, Craig Hoffman, told me how the product came about.  

"This product rose out of a need when my family moved from a house with a yard to a high rise condo in downtown Austin, Texas. Our beautiful Samoyed, Sammy, needed to go on regular walks and my wife and daughters refused to pick up after him. Being an engineer by training, I knew I needed to come up with a solution so I wouldn't have to ride the elevator 5 times a day. Knowing that the warmth and texture of the pet waste was the reason my girls wouldn't pick up the waste, I designed "The Easy Scoop A Poop". From here the tagline "Take the "YUCK" Out of Pet Waste Pick Up" seemed to fit. Living on a hike and bike trail, we would often take Sammy for long walks. This elicited another feature that was required of the product, portability".

The best way to explain it is to check out the demo video.


How smart and simple is this?

Being a bullet-point kind of blogger, I wanted to include these about the product.

  • Portable - Small enough to carry in your pocket or attach to a leash.
  • Protective - Shields hands from pet waste warmth and texture felt through a bag. (Nasty)
  • Many Uses - Helps pick up other items like bugs, vomit and pet's stool samples.  (On a side note, I actually like picking up bugs.  Comes with growing up with 3 brothers)
  • EcoFriendly - Encourages picking up pet waste that helps reduce environmental toxins.
  • Versatile -  Can be used with our Post Industrial recycled bags or most any bags of choice.
  • Made in USA  - Produced using recycled materials. (I'm Canadian but still all for that fact) 
  • Refill Bags Available



You can purchase an Easy Scoop a Poop through their website or find a retailer near you.

I'm thinking this is the best 15 bucks you'll spend as a responsible dog owner.  I hope Craig and his family sell a gazillion of these things.  To help save the planet, to encourage peeps to pick up after their pets, to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and to hopefully mean a possible end to Turd Town in my neighborhood.


Disclaimer: (As required by FTC)  I was supplied with a product sample.





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I have this product already and I looove it. I also occasionally use an at-home service that swings by and picks up the poop in my yard for me. I, too, have always marveled at people who use snow to cover their poop tracks. This ad kills me with funniness, though. I love how she's so cheerful about pitching the product. That's true dedication.


This actually looks like it might work. I have some pretty big poops to pick up from SlimDoggy, I don't usually mind the 'feel' but if I can avoid it I will. Good idea about the vomit - that's almost worse than the poop!

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