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March 2013

Love Always Wags Its Tail ~ Delightful book for dog lovers

I started blogging several years ago as a way of promoting my online publishing business. (Which I still have but am now focusing much moreso on my blogging career). I named my blog The Pet Book Lady, featuring projects people could create using the system along with articles of interest... Read more →

Hank - My First Childhood Dog

The first dog we had as a family was a yellow lab named Hank. Here is a photo of him as a pup, taken in 1970, in what looks like our family kitchen. I had lots of pets growing up; hamsters, Guinea pigs, mice and garter snakes. But one can... Read more →

Just The (Dog) Facts, Mam

(Photo of Arnold: Bill Foundation) For someone who likes facts, I'm surprised I was never good at playing Trivial Pursuit. Perhaps it's because I'm not all that keen on playing board games in general. Could be due to the Snakes and Ladders Meltdown of '71 with my three brothers. It... Read more →

Infographics about Pets - A Fun Way to See the Facts

I consider myself to be a very visual person. Certainly when it comes to understanding a concept or learning a new skill. I absorb information a lot quicker too if it's presented visually and not just with words and numbers. Which is probably why I like Infographics so much. The... Read more →