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Infographics about Pets - A Fun Way to See the Facts



I consider myself to be a very visual person.  Certainly when it comes to understanding a concept or learning a new skill.  I absorb information a lot quicker too if it's presented visually and not just with words and numbers.  Which is probably why I like Infographics so much. 

The best place to find them by far is Daily InfographicThis is from their site:  "If you share our love for data-filled illustrations, you’ve come to the right place. We spend countless hours searching the web for the most interesting, visually stimulating, mind blowing infographics. We curate our findings and choose one infographic to publish every week-day."  Wow!  That's a lot of work so obviously they love what they do.  And we benefit from their passion. The talent behind Daily Infographic are three guys - Jay Willingham, Tim Willingha and Diego Martinez-Moncada.  You'll love their writing.  Just as appealing as the infographics themselves.

Here is one of my favorites; 20 Crazy Facts About Pet Ownership in America.



There are so many categories and what looks likes hundreds, probably thousands of infographics.   And the cool news is that you can have a new infographic delivered to your inbox on a daily basis.  Just have to sign up with your email address.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.   I warn you though.  Their infographics are addicting!