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Fiona ~ The Dog Who Changed the World. One Year Later.




A year ago yesterday, March 17th, 2012, Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws posted a video on a small dog that he and his wife Audrey rescued off the streets of Los Angeles.  They named her Fiona.  The video went viral, touching people's hearts all over the planet.  It sent such a deep and powerful message of hope.  That adversity can be overcome.  I know for myself, it also showed me that with love and kindness, we can change the world. One soul at a time.

And a year later you may wonder how Fiona is doing.  Fantastic!  These are the most recent photos of Fiona as she enjoys her new life in Florida with her parents, Chris and Michele Gentry. (Thank you Eldad for these exclusive photos of Fiona to show off to my readers).




WANT TO WIN AN iPAD 3?   Eldad and Audrey are having a giveaway!   All you have to do is visit Eldad's Facebook Page, look for Fiona's post, click on the share button, and type a few words - asking your friends to watch and share itThey will be doing a random draw on Sunday, March 24th.

Good luck!!  And thank you for sharing this message of hope and for bringing attention to the wonderful work they do at Hope for Paws.




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Lorraine Frost

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the update on Fiona - it was such a beautiful story and continues to be!!!

I am so happy to see your blog every day - reading about animals just makes my day!!

Thanks for the blog last week about about Kathy's Cache - I contacted her to make a "baby" for me to look like my Mollie. She sounds like a great lady - but of course, people who love all animals ARE great!!

Have a great day!!

Brampton, ON

Carrie Ann

Fiona looks so beautiful and happy. Thank you so much for this update. Like millions of others, I was touched deeply by her story last year. Once in a while you see something, and it stays in your heart forever. Fiona is certainly in that category for me.

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