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I don't know about your dog's bowl, but Oscar's doggie dish can get pretty darn crusty and gucky and in need of some serious scrubbing on a regular basis. The peeps from Doggie Bowl Sponge  hooked me up with one and now when it comes times to cleaning, I know which one is for the dog bowl only.  Love my Oscar dearly but I don't really want his doggie germs on my regular dishcloths and kitchen sponges.  (Getting daily kisses from him doesn't count in the germ-transferring equation though).

Steve Gani and his wife Kristen were owners of three dogs at one time.  They were inspired to create a bone-shaped cleaning sponge to wash their dogs bowls because they were constantly getting their kitchen dish sponges mixed up with the ones meant for the dogs.  After two years, they launched Doggie Bowl Sponge (January 2013).


Doggie sponge logo
They are currently available in 6 stores in Southen California.  They are for sale through their website for only $2.99 each(USA customers only at this time)  What a bargain!




When you get one, think of the stars who are also using them.   Each 2013 Grammy Nominee received a Doggie Bowl Sponge in their Swag Bag.  How cool is that?  Very, I say.

The sponge works great, Oscar's germs stay away from my regular dishcloths and when I use it, I feel somewhat bonded with the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.  Heck - I can even sing some of their songs while I wash Oscar's bowl.  Not well, mind you.  Pretty horribly in fact.   But I'm a happy dog owner and that's what counts.   Thank you Doggie Bowl Sponge!


Disclosure: (as required by the FTC)  This posting is sponsored by Doggie Bowl Sponge


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That looks really cool!! I wonder if it comes in pink. BOL!!

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