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Dog cake
I was so delighted to see this photo that a friend posted on my Facebook page.  Unfortunately I couldn't find the source of the photograph (believe me - I searched!).  What an incredibly talented person to make this creation, whoever they are.   Honestly - I don't know if I could bring myself to cutting it, it's so well crafted.

Seeing this photo really made me want to search the internet for some cool canine cake projects and just had to share these.


Dog cake2
Debbie Does Cakes


Debbie Does Cakes


Debbie Does Cakes


Chocolate and white dog cake scuplture
Cake Picture Gallery


Dog-Cake-300x225  Divine cake company
Divine Cake Company


I found these adorable cakes obviously made with love and care by pet owners.

Dog Cake 004

Baking Love and Joy


I'm assuming these cakes are meant for humans.  (NOTE: Stay tuned for an upcoming post about cake for dogs to eat!)   My baking skills are pretty darn limited and I am always impressed with those who can take flour, butter, eggs, sugar and such and transform the ingredients into works of art.

If you're feeling a little challenged in the baking department like myself, you'll want to check out CAKE WRECKS.  Their tag line is "When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.   That should peek your interest.


Cake wrecks



Hmm... Writing this post is making me crave cupcakes.  Going to be stopping by the bakery today to get my fix.  I leave the baking to the experts!

I'd love to hear about any baking victories or disasters you have had.  I'm here for you regardless.