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March 2013

The Countdown to Blogpaws - The Pet Bloggers and Social Conference of The Year!

RECENT NEWSFLASH Daring to Wear Spandex for a Mission Yahoo!!! I just checked my Countdown to Blogpaws 2013 and it'll be here in 50 days!! If you haven't heard of Blogpaws, you'll want to know more. Blogpaws is one incredible event, bringing together pet lovers from all across North America.... Read more →

Petcurean Pet Nutrition - The Company with a Big Heart

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida - an incredible tradeshow of all things pets. The equivalent of 16 football fields in fact. A definite mecca for a professional pet blogger like myself. Back home in my community of Vernon,... Read more →

Doggie Bowl Sponge - You got to get one!

I don't know about your dog's bowl, but Oscar's doggie dish can get pretty darn crusty and gucky and in need of some serious scrubbing on a regular basis. The peeps from Doggie Bowl Sponge hooked me up with one and now when it comes times to cleaning, I know... Read more →

Custom Dog Cakes & Cake Disasters

Find the cheapest magazine subscriptions at Mags Direct. I was so delighted to see this photo that a friend posted on my Facebook page. Unfortunately I couldn't find the source of the photograph (believe me - I searched!). What an incredibly talented person to make this creation, whoever they are.... Read more →

Tales of a DogTrepreneur ~ Part One

How an unadoptable Labrador Retriever inspired our entrepreneurial spirit and motivated us to launch SlimDoggy. Guest Author: Stephen Pelletier Who knew that a scruffy Lab rescue could have such an impact on our lives, both personally and professionally? You see, if we hadn’t found the big yellow lab Jack, there... Read more →

Simple Solution to the Poop Scooping Blues

(Sign from http://www.dogpoopsigns.com/) This post is timely as I just returned from walking Oscar and with Spring almost here, once again it's Poopsville up at the dog park. Doo-Doo Land. It appears in the winter many people don't bother picking up after their dogs as they figure the snow will... Read more →

Pet Passion Takes Flight

Sandy Lender, Guest Author In the spring of 2012, I learned that the sun conure parrot (Aratinga solstitialis) is endangered in the wild. This startled me because these gorgeous—albeit noisy—parrots are popular in the pet trade and I’d shared my life with a particularly adorable and “personable” one for 13... Read more →

Kate's Cache - Crocheted Dogs to Melt Your Heart

Meet Maggie - The newest addition to my home office of characters. Now seriously....is this not one of THE sweetest craftie creations you have ever seen?! Maggie was handmade by a very talented woman, Kathy Trunzo, who has an Etsy Shop called Kate's Cache. She works out of her home... Read more →