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This is not exactly a pet related post today.  I do apologize.  But it is a special day for me, as I start my "5 Months til 50" Blog.   And having taken my own Blog Daily Challenge, I need to honor my commitment to that.  (On a side note, I have decided to post 6 days a week. No post on Sunday.  It would appear that bloggers are prone to writers block on this day of the week especially.  Very scientific fact.  Most likely due to over indulgence in gooey morning cinnamon buns, piles of laundry and newspaper reading catch-up pressure).

So I do hope you visit my new fun and friendly blog.  I turn 50 on August 11th and not sure if that will mean the end of the blog.  Just might continue on with a new name.... 50 Shades of 50 (if that doesn't violate any copyright, of course...) or FDD Approved: Fifth Decade Diva.   Have to mull those over.

Going to be digging into my lost photos and yes, slides (now THAT dates me) to reminisce about what got me to 50.   Already found a few gems worth sharing.


Mom dan lisa winter 67

Training for the Toddler Luge Games in 67
The mushroom sniffing habit my parents never truly addressed

Direct result of dares I never let go of when growing up with three brothers.


Hope you'll join me!