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Wordless Wednesday - My One Purchase at a Mega Outlet Mall

(Technically this isn't a wordless post but realized I had to add words to explain the photo)


I was just in Orlando, Florida for the incredible Global Pet Expo.  My flight back home didn't leave until late in the day, so I had time to check out the sites and chase a few geckos on various lawns.  (I have this thing for chasing geckos - they're just so darn cute and so chaseable)  I would have liked to seen Seaworld or Universal Studios but there just wasn't enough time before having to get to the airport.

So I figured I might as well do a little shopping to pass the time.  I made my way to this MEGA Outlet Mall - something we really don't have in Canada. The Orlando Premium Outlets on Vine Avenue had 150 stores, many of them high-end retailers.  And shoppers everywhere, wandering around with fancy merchandise bags and Starbucks coffees.

To be honest.... I don't even like shopping.  I like the people watching much more.  However, I did manage to buy THE best item for sale there.  And it was my one and only purchase in Orlando.  A rubbery egg that you throw on a wall and it sticks.  They're called Splat Back Toys.


Now how fantastic is this?  I bought two - one for myself and one for my brother David, who I am constantly sending silly things to for his engineering office.  (He's a big kid at heart)  I'm thinking it looks like a freaky breast implant.   Guess I could have got two for myself as bra inserts to feel like a sexy Chick(en).

It was definitely a worthwhile adventure before the airport. Got some exercise walking all around Consumerville, did some serious people watching and left smiling with my successful purchase.  If I go back next year I am SO getting the Splat Rat (Note: No intent of malice against rats.  Just like the fact it rhymes)


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hey, I used to live pretty close to the Mega Outlet mall there in Orlando. That looks hilariously like it could be a prank breast implant. thanks for sharing!


Now this made me laugh...You must be the only tourist to visit the Land of the Mouse and not go home with a set of mickey mouse ears BOL!


It looks like it would be fun to play with! Love the implant thought!


Too funny because I was thinking the same thing myself, it's an implant!

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

No pun intended on that one Carol? Ha ha!

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