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The Yellow Dog Project - Creating Awareness for Dogs Who Need Space



A friend of mine, Tim McLarty from Ontrack Communications in Toronto, recently sent me an email about this awareness campaign called The Yellow Dog Project. (He knows what a crazy dog person I am).  It is such a simple concept.   As described on their website;  "The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to the general public about dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated".

By placing a yellow ribbon on your dog's leash, it alerts people to not approach your dog with their dog(s).  To give them space.   Plain and simple.  The reason they may need space is that they have:

  • Health issues
  • Are being trained
  • Rehabilitating from an injury or from abuse (especially with rescued dogs)
  • Or are just simply scared and reactive of other dogs.

Yellow dog project postcard

This clever and practical awareness campaign is spreading all across the world and to help make that happen, they offer posters, postcards and tearsheet downloads in 47 languages.   There is also a yellow ribbon image that can be posted on company or organization's websites or blogs to help support the project.

I know when my dog Oscar was recovering from being hit by a vehicle a few years back (a dog mom's worst nightmare, by the way) I was always letting people in the dog park know not to have their dogs get too close.  Oscar was "skittish" and still in discomfort and having a dog wanting to play with and chase him wasn't ideal.  He did eventually bounce back to his old self, but had this campaign been "out there" then, I wouldn't have had to repeat myself so many times and feel awkward in doing so.

I encourage all my readers to take the time to print off the poster and chat up a local business who offers laminating service.  Then put them up in your local dog parks.   (I have a laminator at home, which I use any chance I can get.  Heck - I don't want to be cremated when I die.  I want to be laminated)   I'm going to print a few posters off and display them in our dog parks. 

  Facebook button
The Yellow Dog Project has a very active Facebook page and definitely worth liking.   After finishing this post I'm heading back into my blog settings and adding the Yellow Ribbon in my sidebar to show my support.  This is a wonderful project and hoping it catches on everywhere!


Here's to giving dogs their space!