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Songs for Your Dog - I'm Hooked on Them!

Laurel Canyon

DISCLAIMER:  The songs you are about to hear are addicting.  They will play over and over in your head.  They'll make you smile and feel fuzzy and giggly inside - especially if you're a dog lover.  You'll stop thinking about how cool they are for your dog and instead want to hear them for yourself.

A few months back, Skip Haynes from Laurel Canyon Animal Company contacted me about the music he composes and records for an unusual CD listening market....dogs.  (In fact he also creates music for cats and birds)  Not sure how he found me but being a professional pet blogger, I'm in the "hub" of online pet lovers.  

I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first.  That doubt flew out the doggie door when he sent me a complimentary song, Squeaky Deaky.  They have the song on You Tube in its entirety. To be honest, I find myself singing this song almost everyday. (Again the disclaimer....You're listening at your own risk)


See?!..... I told you!

Here are just a few song titles to interest you. (oh - and your dog)

  • You're a Good Dog
  • I'll be Back
  • Cookies
  • Dog on my bed
  • Car, Car
  • Treats
  • Ugly Dogs Need More Love

And many more!  You can listen to all of the songs (Song "bites") on their website.

Laurel 2
More Songs to Make Dogs Happy

Laurel 4
Ugly Dogs Need More Love

And as I mentioned, they also have an album for cats; Cat-A-Tonic.  We're talking some serious feline funkiness.  I'm partial to Litterbox Boogie and definitely a big fan of Cat Thinks He's a Dog.

Laurel 3

CDs are only $14.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling.  If you're an ipod fan, you can also order them in a digital format (MP3)  That's only $9.95

Thank you Skip for creating and sharing these incredible tunes with the pet loving world!   I have to go listen to Squeaky Deaky again.  Just......can't....stop.





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