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Good Things Come in Small Packages with PawBox! Giveaway & Discount Code!

I love getting packages in the mail.  The thrill of receiving them is always there.  Even the anticipation knowing it's going to arrive any day now. Of course there is the excitement of opening it up....wondering what surprises are tucked inside.  It never gets old for me.

I love my dog Oscar.  He is my fuzzy friend.  My companion.  My play buddy. My four-legged son.  Being with my dog never gets old.

So take the two....the joy of receiving fun packages in the mail and the love for my dog.  Combine them and what do you get?   PawBox!!


PawBox is a premium subscription gift box service for dogs.   What is a PawBox?  It is a luxurious box filled with 5 product samples from companies that offer quality brand items.  Your Pawbox is delivered to your door monthly and is custom fitted to your dog.  When you subscribe, you are able to list your dog's name, age, breed, coat type and allergies.

These are the brands that PawBox works with.


This is from the PawBox website which says a lot about what goodies you'll receive as a subscriber. "When it comes to brands, we work with the best. But the best can mean many things, which is why we have such a diverse range of partners. We've shamelessly cherry-picked every category to bring you companies that pour time, research, and love into their products. You'll find both up-and-coming niche brands and longtime favorites. In our Pets drawer, diversity rules."


This is the PawBox I received for February.  Love it!  Of course Oscar was in there like a dirty shirt when I was opening it up.  (Where does that expression come from anyways?!)  Oscar always barks at the mailman (or mailperson, to be politically correct) but I'm thinking with PawBox arriving every month, he'll change his ways.    Enclosed with the goodies is a card explaining what the items are, along with a Monthly Tip.

Pawbox card

There are three options when subscribing to PawBox.  There is the monthly subscription where you are billed monthly and you can cancel anytime.  The second option is to purchase 3 months at a time.  Third option is a one year subscription, where you receive one month free.  And get INCLUDES SHIPPING!  

If you are looking to give the gift of PawBox you can also purchase gift certificates.



You're probably wondering.....what about the cats?  (Oscar just said "Who cares about the cats")  Great news!!  PawBox will be launching their PawBox Subscription for Cats in approximately 3-4 months from now.   You can sign up to be on their VIP list when the program goes live!


Giveaway and discount code!


Exciting news!!  *ENTER TO WIN one of two one-month PawBox deliveries!   All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on why you think your dog(s) would like to receive a PawBox.  And if you feel like it, let me know too if your dog gives the mailperson "the business" like Oscar does.  Thinking it's just a dog thing all around.

Interested in subscribing to PawBox for your dog(s)?   Receive 50% off your first month (new subscriptions) by using the code PetLadyFEB(Offer expires March 15, 2013)  And at only $10 a month after that, not only is it a great deal (the equivelent of 2 lattes) but your dog will love you.  Heck - May even grow to love the mailperson!

*Contest is open to residents of the USA and Canada.  Random draw to be made March 15th, 2013.


WINNERS!  Congratulations to Courtney Canfield and Carrie Ann for each winning a FREE month delivery of PawBox.  I will be getting in contact with you asap.



(Disclosure:  I have received product from PawBox in exchange for this post.  Disclosure is required by law under the FTC Guidelines)