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Give a Little Love this Valentines Day & Be Entered to Win!


Bill foundation
Love is in the air today! And what better way to celebrate Valentines Day than by "giving a little” to show your loving support of Bill Foundation and the dogs they rescue. Your gift will be felt by smiling, happy dogs for their forever homes.
Picture yourself at the coffee shop, about to put down yet another $5 bill for a fancy latte.  Perhaps $10 bucks since you're treating your friend to one too.  Now how about this....  Picture yourself donating that same $10 to an organization that works to save so many dogs destined to be destroyed.  And at the same time, knowing that you just may win a very funky prize for doing so.
Cafe latte
Anyone who donates to Bill Foundation today will be entered to win a customized mug made by me, the Pet Blog Lady using my business    How cool is this.....WITH photos of your favorite Bill Foundation dogs on it!
You can enter now right through to the end of Valentines Day.  We will draw names and 2 lucky people will receive a custom mug with photos of their choice on it. AND 8 additional people will win a special edition Bill Foundation Leash!  That's a total of 10 items we're giving away.
No amount is too small to donate!   And all you have to do to enter to win is make a donation. 
We will announce the winners tomorrow morning! (February 15th)
Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Be sure to hug your dog today and thank them for all the unconditional love they give you daily!

Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them Twitter
Facebook button
Congratulations to those who won a giveaway prize during the Give A Little Love Day, raising funds for the Bill Foundation.  Thank you everyone who donated for your support and for helping save the life of a dog.
Bill Foundation Leashes

Tammy Kung
Georgia Schorr
Claudia Londono
Barbara Dougherty
Patricia Cole
Tifney Schoenfeld

Luv-a-Mugs from

Florence Wise
Madelyn Papineau


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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Hello Courtney!

The Bill Foundation is based in Los Angeles and they do incredible work, saving the lives of animals destined to be destroyed. You can learn a lot about their work through their website and the have a fantastic facebook page where rescue stories are told and updates on how the dogs are doing are posted. I put a link to their Facebook and Twitter accounts at the end of the blog post. Just added that now as I had forgot the first time around.

The three legged dog is Watson. Here is the video of Watson's rescue (done by Hope for Paws) who work closely with the Bill Foundation. They did find a home for Watson and he is happy, healthy and just a motoring on those three precious legs of his.

courtney canfield

This is the first time I have heard about this organization. Can you tell me a little bit more about these puppies who you posted pics of? Are they adoptable? The one with the 3 legs is seriously breaking my heart and I want to find out more about him/her...

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