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My Oscar leads a very busy Bichon life.  Up early with me at 6:30 a.m.; out for a pee (Oscar only, although I have had my fair share of tinkling in the great outdoors)  and back inside to diligently pick the snow off his wooly fur.  This is usually followed by an odd ritual of dumping ALL of his doggie toys out of his basket.   Perhaps to confirm no break-ins or theivery occured during the night. Then there are some serious mooching skills executed while I eat, then finally out the door for a long morning walk in our local dog park that we refer to as "The Ghetto".  And of course as head of the Cat Patrol Union, Local 555, he commits himself physically and mentally to his job.  He indeed puts in a full days work.

Bedtime for dogs logo
So when it's time to settle in for the night, Oscar really appreciates having a little treat to end the day.  And it just so happens that this bite size snack is perfect for night-time giving.   The people at Bedtime 4 Dogs have a wonderful product called Bedtime Bones.  Made with organic, all natural ingredients, these treats contain chamomille, which has a calming effect.  (Does too for human, as I often have chamomille tea before calling it a night)   They have a professional video clip on their website that explains who they are and the inspiration for Bedtime Bones.



You can order Bedtime Bones by the month for only $9.99 or One-year supply for $100, with a savings of $20.  What I really like about this company and product is the simplicity of it all.  One of those "I wish I thought of this" kind of products.  The packaging is delightful, the ordering process is smooth, and most importantly, Oscar really likes them.  And they work!  Mellows out my little man naturally.  The ingredients?  All organic-rye flour, oat bran, brown eggs, canola, chamomile and honey.  Nice!

Bed time bonesBed time bones subscription

You can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.   Congratulations Bedtime 4 Dogs for creating such a fantastic product and also for giving back to the community with your Puppy Love Rescue Fundraising program.  Two Pet Blog Lady thumbs up!  (4 Oscar Paws-up, by the way)



This blog post kicks off my personal Blog Daily Challenge.   Everyday I'll be posting - from pet product reviews, stories that celebrate the amazing bond we have with our pets to cool giveaways, contests, articles of interest and of course, lots of silly musings.  On your marks...get set.... blog!

Disclaimer:  I received a 2 month complimentary supply of Bedtime 4 dogs Bedtime Bones.