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2013 Global Pet Expo - In Pet Bloggers Heaven



Happiness for a pet blogger (or at least it is for me) is being in a humongous convention centre where it's all things pet.  (Additional happy points for being a Canadian in a Florida convention centre in February)  I'm here at the 2013 Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida - which is the largest pet product trade show in the world.   The exhibit hall is the equivalent of 16 football fields, with row upon row of companies proudly showing off their wares and services.   On that note, I am happily ditching the fancy dress shoes on day two for my sneakers.  More my style anyways.

I am really just getting started and will be blogging about my immediate experiences over the next few days.  (Global Pet Expo runs Feb 20-22) I most certainly have my happy Pet Blog Lady work cut out for me.  So much to see,  so many peeps to meet and from what I can tell, enough product review blogging material to easily warrant a few hundred posts in the year ahead. 

And hey!   Check out the spiffy video intro that my friend Eldad Hagar made for me.  (He's famous in the dog rescue world with over 10,000,000 YouTube views.  That's 70,000,000 in dog views!) I'm going to be adding a video element to my blog, which they call vlogging.  Haven't started that yet but at least have the intro nailed.  Very CNN-ish.  But robo-cop like too. 



On another fun note, I get to meet Cesar Millan, (The Dog Whisperer) today and ask him a few questions.  Would really like to know how he gets his teeth so white.  Just saying.

Also had the incredible experience of swimming with the Manatees in Crystal River on Tuesday before the convention started.  A BIG item on my bucket list - in the top 10 as a matter of fact.  I squealed with delight most of the time.  Even got choked up a couple of times.  (No one really notices when you're wearing a snorkel and mask)   Hope to go back and visit my manatee pals next year.  We bonded and I think they made me their Queen. That's at least what I am telling myself.   On a side note:  Here is a website that features the best places to see and swim with manatees






Check back for lots of fun new postings!




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Carol Bryant

So glad to see you, Lisa, and so glad we got to spend some time together!

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

It was so nice to meet you too. And I adored Gizmo! Next year when I attend Global I won't feel so overwhelmed. And I'll have a better game plan for covering the show floor. (and wearing better shoes on that note) I have on my bucket list to go to Florida for a month and rent an RV and travel all through the state. I fulfilled my bucket list wish "Swim with the Manatees" so I need to add one to replace that. Always keep your bucket list full! Hope to see you next year!


Gizmo & I enjoyed meeting you at the luncheon on Friday...We share your amazement at the sheer size of the Expo...It was indeed a petblogger's paradise...Also happy you had a fun time here in our home state of Florida...I've blogged about kayaking with the manatees and know how much fun you had swimming with them...They are truly beautiful peaceful animals and being with them is a great experience

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

It was wonderful overall and next year I'll have more of a "plan" to cruise the floor. I am hoping to get to Super Zoo in Vegas. In July. Yikes! Someday I would love to be travelling somewhere every month of the year as a professional blogger. It's sooooo much fun.

Jobi and Fisher

I was there for just one day - Thursday. It was only an introduction, but as worn out as I was, I vowed to return next year - for the whole show! Loved it!

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