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Talk About a Creative Way To Help Rescued Dogs Find Forever Homes!

Bill Foundation Rescue Bowl

The advancements in technology and the ever growing power, influence and reach of social media is creating some incredible opportunities for animal rescue organizations worldwide.   As of June 2012, 78% of the population in North America (348,000,000) is online.   34% of the World's Population (7,000,000,000) is online.  That's a lot of peeps!  To see a breakdown of different continents, you'll find the World Internet Usage Stats website page interesting.

Now how's this for a creative online idea to help rescued dogs find their forever homes.   The Bill Foundation in Los Angeles, California is holding a LIVE Ustream event on Sunday, February 3rd, from 11 - 3 PST.  Announcing The Rescue Bowl...Where Every Dog Wins!

Here's how it will work. 

Two teams of Bill Foundation dogs will compete. Shelter dogs vs. Street dogs with a total of 20-25 dogs are expected to "play".  Now that should be fun to watch!

As for the halftime show? Well, that’s a BIG surprise! But expect to see one of their most famous celebrity spokes-pups!

Viewing the event is 100% free to all! Viewers will also have the chance to VOTE for their favorite team by donating $5 directly through the paypal button on their ustream page. 100% donations will go directly towards helping them continue rescuing dogs from dire situations, provide them with whatever care they need and finding them incredible forever homes. 

They will announce the winning team, aka "The Under Dogs", on Monday morning via their facebook page.  You can RSVP now and it will send you a reminder. (Just have to scroll down a bit to see the reminder button)


Bill 4

 (Little Eli with her new Mom and Dad)

So be sure to check out THE RESCUE BOWL for some fun viewing.  It really beats football, especially when your team isn't in it.  Seriously Cowboys??!!

  Bill foundation

Bill Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works as one with local shelters, rescuers, veterinarians and trainers to rescue dogs in dire situations and place them in forever homes.

Since receiving its non-profit status and beginning operation in May 2000, Bill Foundation has rescued and placed over 2000 dogs.