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January 2013

Talk About a Creative Way To Help Rescued Dogs Find Forever Homes!

The advancements in technology and the ever growing power, influence and reach of social media is creating some incredible opportunities for animal rescue organizations worldwide. As of June 2012, 78% of the population in North America (348,000,000) is online. 34% of the World's Population (7,000,000,000) is online. That's a lot... Read more →

Dr. Rose's Remedies - An ALL Natural Product for Animal Skin Ailments

Here's a quick question for pet owners owners out there. Has your pet ever suffered from hot spots? Insect bites? Dermatitis? A laceration? Had surgery? Rain Rot? (Horses) Overall itchiness due to allergies? Annoying itchiness from healing scratches? I'm thinking every dog, cat or horse out there could easily say,... Read more →