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A Complete Bearded Dragon Diet Plan

Bearded Dragons, with their charming personalities and distinctive appearance, have become popular reptilian companions. As responsible pet owners, ensuring their well-being and health is paramount, and a crucial aspect of that is providing a well-balanced and nutritious diet. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of a... Read more →

Essential Tips For a Dog-Friendly Summer

It's summertime in parts of the world right now. As the days lengthen and temperatures rise, summer presents a delightful opportunity for dog owners to enjoy the outdoors with their furry friends. However, this sunny season also brings unique challenges that require careful attention to ensure the well-being of our... Read more →

5 Things to Consider For Your Senior Dog

By Dr. Bethany Hsia, Co-founder of CodaPet As our beloved canine companions age, they require extra care and attention to ensure maintained health and happiness. Just like any other mammal, senior dogs experience changes in their bodies and can develop age-related conditions. To provide the best possible care for your... Read more →

Unwrapping Joy: SoFi's Pet Holiday Shopping Survey Reveals Heartwarming Trends

'Tis the season of giving, and for pet owners, that generosity extends to their beloved furry friends. SoFi's recent pet holiday shopping survey has unveiled a treasure trove of insights into how pet owners include their pets in the festive celebrations, what they're dressing them in, and the lengths they... Read more →

How Much Heat Do Reptiles Need? Plus 3 Options for Keeping Their Environment the Right Temperature

(Source: Unsplash) If you want to get a snake, a lizard, a turtle, or some other type of reptile, you need to know one thing. They are cold-blooded. Unlike us warm-blooded mammals, they don’t have an internal body temperature that keeps them regulated whenever they are in an environment that... Read more →

An aesthetic urn for pets’ ashes by Ukrainian startup Fluff Above launches on Kickstarter

LLUMI for a day on the platform reached the amount of more than $5,000! The Ukrainian brand of pet memorial products, Fluff Above, launches a flagship product. In its first day on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, LLUMI raised more than $5,000. The aesthetic urn LLUMI is designed to keep the... Read more →

4 Must-Know Tips for Living in a Small Apartment with Dogs

Image source: Living in a small apartment can be rather challenging because of limited living space. This, of course, has its pros and cons: since you’re aware that your storage space is limited, you’ll be far less likely to accumulate a bunch of knick-knacks you simply don’t have room... Read more →