7 Great Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

(Image source: Pixabay) Are you looking for some gift ideas for a pet lover? We wrote this short, yet informative guide to present the latest and best gift ideas for your friends or loved ones who live with a companion animal. 1. Pet Art A custom pet portrait would make... Read more →

Developed By A Veterinarian - Introducing ArmOR® Hand Gloves

Developed By A Veterinarian, ArmOR® Hand Gloves Provide Animal Handlers And Caregivers Much Needed Protection Against Bites And Scratches Unlike other bulky hand gloves ArmOR form-fitting, washable gloves are designed to provide the comfort, dexterity and protection needed to safely restrain and treat animals. Developed and designed to protect against... Read more →

The Best National Pet Day Deals 2021

(Happiness is shopping for your pet! Thank you, Sara, for providing us with the deals for National Pet Day!) By: Sara Skirboll, Shopping & Trends Expert at RetailMeNot Amazon: Check out the latest daily sales on Amazon’s Pet Supplies Top Deals page, and jump on the 40%-off Subscribe & Save... Read more →

Kigurumi Onesies - Best Onesies EVER!

Onesie. Onesies. Even the word makes you smile, even if it's just on the outside. You can't deny it. Wearing a onesie from Kigurumi is a whole other level of onesie happiness. They make the best onesies EVER. The generous peeps of Kigurumi set me up with two of their... Read more →

Amazing Ideas to Take Great Selfies With Your Pets

Image source: Pixabay Pictures have always been a storytelling medium. We take photographs everywhere we go to create memories. Since social media became popular, so did selfies. It began with people taking pics while standing in front of mirrors. Today, there are tools to help users hold their smartphones, facing... Read more →

How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Bouquet for Pet Owners

(Image from Pixabay) Pet owners may appear different than everyone else. In a way, they’re unique. Most of them claim to love their furry friends more than people. However, if there’s one thing that makes them “normal,” it's that they love flowers. Then again, who doesn’t? So, if you’re running... Read more →

DOT Updates Plane Travel Rules for ESAs in 2021

DOT Updates Plane Travel Rules for ESAs in 2021 Since 2018, the US Department of Transportation has been taking a hard look at their stance on ESAs and plane travel. Emotional support animals had been considered “service animals” by the DOT for years, but that’s recently changed. In January of... Read more →