Keeping Your Dog Healthy During COVID-19

It has certainly been a scary and uncertain time since COVID-19 popped up. The fear of the unknown, in addition to the constraints we have had to live under to slow the spread of the virus, has had an effect on everyone’s mental health. Believe it or not, dogs are... Read more →

Top 5 Natural Treatments for Dogs with Cushing’s

As our dogs age, like people, they experience changes in their bodies and become more susceptible to disease and infection. Your dog growing a portly pot belly and experiencing hair loss may seem like a common sign of aging, however, when combined with an insatiable thirst and appetite, meanwhile having... Read more →

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Get a Dog Today

It’s a challenging year for a lot of people. Covid-19 continues to ravage the United States and many other countries as well. It’s not clear when we’ll have a vaccine, but it might not be till late in 2021. Some individuals grapple with depression, according to many polls. It’s not... Read more →

Can Goldfish Live In a Bowl Without a Filter?

Many people choose aquarium fish as pets. Fish are relatively low-maintenance creatures when compared with dogs and cats, and there are reports of some goldies living for up to 20 years with proper care. However, even the humble goldfish does have some specific care requirements that are essential for its... Read more →

Walking Your Dog … While Applying Social Distancing Rules

Walking Your Dog … While Applying Social Distancing Rules By Certified Dog Trainer and Animal Behavior Specialist Mikkel Becker, in collaboration with Sure Petcare With all the new social distancing rules for humans, walking your dog may seem crazy and out of control these days. Here are four easy-to-apply solutions... Read more →

How to Choose Healthy and Nutritious Pet Food

How to Choose Healthy and Nutritious Pet Food Picking out the right food for your pet can come with a learning curve. Just like humans, pets have different dietary needs depending on their age, health condition, allergies and even personal preferences. Your pet can find some food less appetizing than... Read more →