A Unique Way To Remember Your Pet

Cremation Ash Memorials Create A Beautiful Glass Float To Honor Your Loved Ones If you’ve lost a loved one or a pet, we can create a beautiful blown glass Memorial Float with their cremation ash to honor them. We created a process called Scavo Infusion that allows us to fuse... Read more →

Celebrating Animals in the Afterlife

Guest contributor: Maureen Harmonay We all wonder where our animals go when they die. In our grief at their passing, we pull out old photographs and clutch at snips of their hair, desperate to prove that they existed, that our relationship with them was real. But deep inside there remains... Read more →

Hank - My First Childhood Dog

The first dog we had as a family was a yellow lab named Hank. Here is a photo of him as a pup, taken in 1970, in what looks like our family kitchen. I had lots of pets growing up; hamsters, Guinea pigs, mice and garter snakes. But one can... Read more →