Pug Story Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Benefit Children

On January 27th, 2015, Pug Story Children’s Line launched a Kickstarter campaign that will benefit children across the globe! Pug Story performs book readings at special places such as: children’s hospitals, schools, libraries, literacy festivals and canine rescue events. We pride ourselves on making kids smile and we firmly believe... Read more →

EZ Daisy Collar - A Kickstarter Project Worth Supporting

EZ Daisy Collar - A fun, and stylish retractable leash built right into the collar! Two Young Entrepreneurs from San Diego eliminate the need for a “normal” leash. The story of the EZ Daisy Collar originated when Bryan (Co-Founder) became a full-fledged stay at home puppy father for his girlfriend’s... Read more →

DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pup

A martini glass, a taco, and Batdog, oh my! These 11 fun DIY halloween costumes are perfect to fit any pups personality, and very easy to create! With any of these costume ideas, your dog is guaranteed to be the life of the party, the neighborhood’s most popular pet, and... Read more →

World’s First Pet Friendly Home to Break Ground In Canada

(Photo credit: Funny Pics) The Pet Friendly House™ project will be the first home to be constructed, designed, and decorated from the ground up with the ultimate needs and comforts of both pets and humans. ProfessorsHouse.com, a website dedicated to providing a wealth of advice on pets and décor, food;... Read more →

Summer Activites with Your Dog

Guest Contributor: Ron Rutherford Summer is the time to get outside and there is no better outdoor companion than your dog. Don’t get stuck in an activities rut and only go on walks around the block. Enjoy the standard activities while incorporating a few new ones into your routine. There... Read more →