BringerPet ~ Helping You To Celebrate Your Pet!

Recently, a very nice peep by the name of Jeffrey Pozhydaiev, contacted me regarding their new business, BringerPet. Considering A) I love pets B) I love cartoons C) I love custom-made gifts; helping him to spread the word was a no-brainer! I asked Jeffrey what BringerPet was all about. "We... Read more →

Why You Should Get A Dog DNA Kit

Ok, let’s be honest, dogs don’t really need to “know themselves” better. Humans love tracing back their family tree, learning about their ancestors, and connecting the lives of their predecessors to their own modern lives. While self-discovery and introspection can be hugely beneficial for humans, dogs enjoy their canine life... Read more →

12 Things Every Perspective Parrot Owner Should Know

Owning a parrot is very rewarding. However, as any parrot owner knows there is a lot more to ownership than meets the eye. ExoticDirect, insurers of exotic pets, have compiled a checklist offering some handy advice and guidance. How big should your parrot’s cage be? Your parrots cage should be... Read more →

Take Time to Review Your Cat’s Food

Every so often, you should refamiliarize yourself with nutritional guidelines and re-examine what you are putting in your cat’s mouth. Just as our nutritional guidelines can change, pets can too. One occasion when it is especially important to revisit guidelines is when you add a new feline to the home.... Read more →

The Cast of "Cats" Cuddle with Shelter Felines to Encourage Adoption!

The Cast of "Cats" Cuddle with Shelter Felines to Encourage Adoption! To encourage shelter pet adoption during the holiday season, the cast of the Broadway hit musical, “Cats” teamed up with The Shelter Pet Project to help our furry friends find their forever homes. The end result is truly adorable,... Read more →

A Runtamuffin Tale - Endearing Story Of Farm Animal Friendships

Life's a real zoo at Legacy Farms, where 14 chickens, a couple of dogs and an assortment of horses with diverse temperaments learn to share their days on the sprawling homestead. Based on the true life adventures of author Melissa Taylor's charming chickens, A Runtamuffin Tale is a delightful new... Read more →

7 Ways to Form a Closer Bond with Your Pooch

Regardless of whether you've got a new pup of you've had your dog for years, there are always steps you can take to strengthen your bond with your pet. There are clear tell-tale signs that your dog is experiencing certain emotions. This helpful infographic from Vitabiotics SuperDog shows you how... Read more →

Fun-to-Build Projects for Happy and Healthy Chickens!

For the DIY crowd, raising chickens is a cost-saving activity that's not only sustainable, it is fun too! But providing the proper environment for backyard chickens is a critical component of this eco-friendly hobby, and it takes careful thought and consideration. Clear step-by-step color photographs guide the reader through each... Read more →