A Duck as a Pet - Guest Contributor

Jimmy The Duck - Rocking blue hair! This is Flea, the official blogger for Jones Natural Chews, and Lisa asked me to speak about keeping a duck as a pet, what makes them stellar companions, as well as why you might not want a duck as a pet. First, a... Read more →

Love Pets? Turn Your Passion Into a Career - Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor: Kayla Matthews Pets are more than just non-human companions. They're practically part of the family: We feed them, house them, and even invest in veterinary insurance for them. Is it any wonder Americans spend billions of dollars (and counting) on pet products alone? Not that it's a bad... Read more →

Welcome to Greys’Land – A Halfway House for Ex-racers

Guest Contributor: Valerie Greene Atlanta’s oldest greyhound adoption center burnt to the ground last year. A fire tore through the back building of Carl Viener’s home, where for over thirty years, more than 5,400 retired racing greyhounds have found homes. Only six greys were on the premises when flames started... Read more →

Interview with Kristin Morrison - Author of Six-Figure Pet Sitting and Six-Figure Pet Business

Thank you so much Kristin for taking the time to answer my questions. You are such a huge inspiration to pet lovers everywhere wanting to turn their passion into a rewarding career, financially and personally. How did you get started as a pet sitter and dog walker? I was in... Read more →