Top Tips for Cleaning up after Your Pet

However much we may love our furry friends, cleaning up after them can become a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it properly. From rogue dog hair to cats marking their territory, being a pet owner can be hard work. Pet waste that hasn’t been cleaned up can... Read more →

Do you and your dog want to be in a movie?

RESCUE DOGS the movie will bound into theaters in Spring 2016, and your pup could be on the big screen! Charger (Lead acting dog, Baron) Harper (Actor/Writer, Jordan Rawlins) RESCUE DOGS is a first-of-its-kind family feature film that actually stars real rescue dogs (and rescue cat and rescue hamster) as... Read more →

MILLIONDOGSCLUB Launches New Social Website That Offers A Creative and Meaningful Way to Donate to Dogs in Need.

Today launched the first ever 1,000,000 dogs club. The goal of the MillionDogsClub is to create a unique community of dog lovers and raise awareness around the growing epidemic of animal cruelty by donating to organizations that help dogs who suffer and die every year due to negligence and... Read more →

Sophisticated Pup - Dog Fashion At Its Finest!

Dogs are part of the family, and with Sophisticated Pup products, you can treat them like one. Pamper your pup in an enormous selection of quality products made just for Fido. Whether you are searching for a bow tie for your pup, sparkly leash or an outfit for a night... Read more →

The SpotVortex - Cleaning Invention is Perfect for Pet Owners

I don't usually do product announcements other than pet toys and such, but the nice folks at Kent Investment Corp sent me a SpotVortex and by golly, the thing worked! I'd definitely recommend this product for those who have pets and are wanting stains and odors out of their carpets.... Read more →