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March 2018

You Can Bake & Cook For Your Dog!

(Disclosure: I was sent complimentary copies of both books. They are "must-have" books for those interested in cooking and baking for their canine family members!) If you're looking to create healthy and delicious nom noms for your pooch, you'll want to check out these two books from Schiffer Publishing. With... Read more →

Know What's Poisonous to Your Pets - National Animal Poison Prevention Week

March may be a month for luck and good fortune, but did you know that the iconic shamrock is actually toxic to cats and dogs? You may be surprised by how many common household plants and human foods are poisonous to pets. As pet parents, our hearts break when our... Read more →

BOSSPUP - Stylish Clothes for Your Dog, Made in the USA!

BOSSPUP is a young company (started in 2016) that creates some pretty darn spiffy dog clothes. Simple, stylish and comfy, is how I would describe them. Made in the USA (Los Angeles), I can see this company only growing bigger, as more pet parents are looking for clothes that look... Read more →

Drag Performers Join Local Animal Advocacy Charity to Help Promote Shelter Pets

Look What The Dog (& Cat!) Dragged In! New York City’s best drag performers are teaming up with local animal advocacy charity organization, Rock & Rawhide, to bring attention to shelter and rescue animals. A series of photo shoots dubbed “Look What the Dog (& Cat!) Dragged In” will feature... Read more →