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Realistic, Beautifully Natural Pet Portraits in.... Wool! By Sarah Vaci

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I have to say I consider myself somewhat of a craftie person.  I have dabbled in sewing, knitting, ceramics and I have fired up my sewing machine on occasion, with my trusty seam-ripper within reach in case I need it.  Who am I kidding...I can't do a project without it.   I call it my "oops stick".  But overall I do manage to create some cool things, which I am proud of to keep for myself and to give to friends and family. 

Then there are people who are not only craftie but darn talented.  Like super darn talented. Waaaayyyy beyond glue guns and doodling, like me.  But true artists. 

When wool artist Sarah Vaci contacted me about her custom pet portraits, I have to say I was a little perplexed. I had heard of felted sculptures and clothing, but I have never heard of using wool to create portraits.  The work she has on her website is stunning but I didn't truly appreciate her magic until she created a custom portrait of my Oscar, who went to the Rainbow Bridge almost one year ago. 


Oscar collage

To start the process, I sent in a couple of my favorite photographs.  Not too long after, this incredible portrait arrived.  (All the way from the UK!)  And yes - it is done completely using felted wool. It came right to my door, carefully and beautifully mounted and wrapped in cellophane.  My next mission is to find a perfect box frame so I can safely hang it in The Pet Blog Lady office. 



Oscar portrait by Sarah

  Oscar closeup


With the portrait looking like 3D, it honestly feels like I am looking right at my old friend.  The soft detail is extraordinaire and the choice of colors, perfect. I especially loved his snout and his mouth.


Sarah 2

Sarah one


Sarah uses special needles and needle-felting techniques often called 'wool painting' although no paint is involved. Looking at her work table in her studio, I can only imagine the spectrum of colors and textures in the wool she uses to create her custom portraits.  (Sarah also had original works of art for sale). She is even able to incorporate some of your pet's fur!






Oscar's portrait has become one of my favorite things to be around. I can't stop looking at it. I really encourage those who want to capture their beloved pet in a way that will touch your heart, to reach out to Sarah and inquire about having a custom portrait.  If you're looking at having a portrait done as a Christmas gift, the cut off for Christmas shipping to the USA/Canada is 5th December.  (The last official recommended date is 15th but that isn't guaranteed)  Good to know that the turnaround time for her is currently just 10 days (shipping can take 1-2 weeks).

And if not for the holidays, for anytime of the year.

You can see more of her work on her website at  She also has recent works and a video on felt wool painting (although no painting is done) /SarahVaciArtist  There is an additional page too. 

Are you in love with Etsy like me?  Here is Sarah Etsy Shop.  And I just had to leave you with this gem, Father Christmas, with a fluffy beard and all. 


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Christine wood

Absolutely brilliant work, so talented.

Monica Dingess

Wow, amazing 3D portraits. You’re so talent, dear. At the first look, I had to see if these photos real or a drawing. Brilliant. Very nice product!.

Caren Gittleman

Oh my this is BRILLIANT! I LOVE THIS CONCEPT!!! I used to draw and what I hate about so many artists nowadays is they pass their work off as being done by hand, but in reality they are computer generated. THIS is NOT computer generated and is beyond creative. I cannot begin to imagine how HARD this has to be to complete! Thank you for sharing!!

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