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Faith in Action - The Miracle of Lucy in the Desert

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Happy National Dog Day!  And I think there is nothing better to celebrate such an exciting day as with a heart-warming story of a returned dog to its loving owner.  Not just a story...but a miracle!  

MadLyn Hall is a singer/songwriter and a true, heart and soul, dog enthusiast.   She has a new summer song “Will You Take Me Home", which she has dedicated to all shelter & foster animals looking for a loving home.  What makes this a very special song is what happened after the recording of the video while they were at Salvation Mountain

MadLyn explained, "Lucy was missing in the desert of Salvation Mountain for 24 hours completely by herself, and through the grace of God alone, she came back. This experience was so significant it increased my faith in the power of prayer, forever transforming my spiritual life."

I invite you to watch the video and ponder just how incredible this reunion was, given the circumstances.  



 And what a beautiful song, "Will You Take Me Home" is. 


  Lucy collage

Thank God (Literally) for the return of Lucy to MadLyn and to others who love this sweet little dog.   She reminds me a bit of my beloved Oscar, who is roaming happy and free at The Rainbow Bridge. 




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This is really an emotional story to me. We really can believe in miracle after reading this sweet thing. I have lost my pet once and i can fully understand how grateful we would feel if we found our sweetie after having lost their track for a while.

Monica Dingess

Such a touching story! Lucy is really a dynamic little girl. Best wishes for her and hope that miracle can come to lots of other astray dogs!


Really lovely!! There's no better way to start a day than listening to such an inspired story. Now we know that miracle really exists. Thanks a lot for sharing, Lisa.God bless u !

Jennifer C. Butler

Thank you vey much for sharing this thrilling story. What a miracle! Thanks God!


Happy National Dog Day!

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