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February 11, 2013


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Well, the dog learns from his master, so I think that the best tip here is - keep stuff clean and your dog will not dare touch anything. This being told - I think it's a good idea to actually make room for your dog to stay in, usually a corner,with some old furniture, like a massive chair with old upholstery. Teach your dog that this is his corner and let him reign there. Some dogs don't learn about order, but if you tell him: "you can make a mess, but only there", at least you'll contain the damage.

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Excellent tips! Marie, you are very good!
Clean naturally and with safe products only, no matter if you have a pet or not. Do not use chemically containing detergents. If only I knew these tips an year ago, as my puppy suffered an allergy from a spray we used to clean the floor in the bathroom.

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Cleaning your house requires more attention if you have a pet.These tips are really nice.

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very good post and informative to keep the puppy safe.


It is always difficult to keep a house tidy when you have pets, I find it helps to have as much stuff around the house packed away so that cleaning is easier

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