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Dog lovers who have found themselves paired up with a working breed like an Aussie or cattle dog, or an all out Tasmanian Devil of a pooch like a Jack Russell Terrier may wonder how dog fitness could even be an issue.  However, not all breeds -- and not all dogs within any given breed -- are cut from the same cloth, or, in this case, fur.  Some dogs are content to simply laze the day away, which is good for neither the pup's waistline, nor yours, if you happen to rely on regular jaunts for daily exercise.  The truth is, you need to exercise your dog, but depending on your canine pal's disposition and your lifestyle, you may need a little help to get the job done.

While there may not be a dog gym on every corner in every city, they are certainly gaining in popularity.  In addition to traditional agility and obstacle course-style exercises, dogs can also swim, learn flyball, and even partake of a little canine freestyle dog dancing!  Whether you're looking for a facility for your lazy hound, your whip-smart poodle, or a tough-guy bull dog gym, you'll find more and more doggie fitness facilities are springing up around the country to suit your (and your dog's) needs.

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 Our dogs give us so much love; they keep us afloat when we are down.  We owe it to them to make sure they live the longest, most healthy lives possible.  More and more states are opening dog fitness facilities, both freestanding and in conjunction with kennels and obedience programs.  A simple google search can provide information on local dog gyms, and your veterinarian or groomer may be able to point you in the right direction as well.  Happy exercising!

Guest post by Joy Randel

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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Hey thanks!!!


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Barbara Techel

This issue hits close to home for me. We have an English Labrador, Kylie that has never been one to want to play or walk. It has caused great frustration as we know she needs to lose weight-- and honestly, it broke my heart last time she was weighed in Sept. and hit her all time high weight.
She has never liked to play fetch, swim or go for walks-- I know-- she's a Lab, right? I think someone forgot to tell her that. :)
But we made a real big effort these past three months. One thing I discovered is I just have to let her walk at her own pace-- not what I think she should. I also let her walk off leash on a path and wooded area around our home, which she is much happier about. That, and a reduced calorie food I'm pretty sure she is losing some weight. I see a definite lovely curve in her hip area again. We have the big "weigh-in" today and I'm hoping for good news.
She is such a great dog and I want her around for as long as possible. Wish us luck! And thanks for the free eguide-- I'd like to get the barking under control too as that has always been an issue.

Barbara Techel

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