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October 2012

Doggies and Kitties and Bloggers, Oh My! Barkworld Time!!!

Yay! Double Yay!!! It's Barkworld time and I am so excited to be here! It's time for pet bloggers, pet enthusiasts and pet product businesses to gather for learning, laughing, making new friends and lots of pet snuggling. I couldn't bring Oscar (aka Sir Fetch-a-lot) as he's gotten a little... Read more →

Fur , Fur, Everywhere There's Fur

Remember that crazy musical HAIR? It was a real hit on Broadway in the 60's. (I of course was just a wee baby then...kindof) And it had a big come-back in 2009, winning a Tony Award for best musical revival. Not sure who this Tony guy is but he sounds... Read more →

Pets 101 - E-Book series all about DOGS!

When I see a course or program offered and it's referred to as a "101", I assume they will be covering the basics. The main "stuff" you need to know first and foremost. The foundation of the topic so you can get a solid mental handle on it. That's what... Read more →

Using Food to Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Despite what the well-known saying states, you can teach dogs old and young new tricks using little more than a treat from healthy food brands, a clicker and patient perseverance! Many tricks help dogs to stay stretched and limber and once learned can be proudly demonstrated (shown off!) to other... Read more →

Luigi the Lovebird - CSO (Chief Shredding Officer)

There are two passions I tap into with my Pet Book Lady blog. The wonderful connection between people and pets (animals in general) and the incredible entrepreneurial spirit of pet-loving business people. This story of Hand and Beak greeting cards is perfect as it combines the both! Meet Luigi the... Read more →

Congratulations..... It's a Puppy!

Nowadays, more and more baby boomers are welcoming pets into their homes as their children leave the nest to build lives of their own. Many couples are choosing to be "pet parents" over having children of the 2 legged variety. What is also becoming popular is holding a Puppy Shower... Read more →