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February 2011

For small dogs with big canine dreams.

"For small dogs with big canine dreams". That is a line from the Snub website. They create these fantastic dog beds for small dogs. There is something so plain and classy about these beds that make them very attractive and fun looking. You can purchase the Snubframe (TM) and then... Read more →

Clever App for Dog Lovers

Just happened to find this darling of an App through Twitter. CoverPuppy! CoverPuppy is an application that allows your adorable dog to get the spotlight they deserve. Take a picture of your precious pooch, input his or her name and select from a variety of fun magazine covers. Share your... Read more →

Wordless Wednesday - Enough already!

I grew up in the Prairies in Canada so I know what it's like to have months and months of snow. But seriously....enough is enough. How many more sleeps until Spring? I am very excited that it's a New Year...... The Chinese New Year. It's the Year of The Rabbit... Read more →

Surprise packages for your pets!

Is it just me, or are animal lovers also some of THE most creative business people around. I am constantly amazed at the diversity of innovative and colorful businesses that are out there catering to pet lovers. FurIvy is one such business that I find to be absolutely delightful. You... Read more →