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June 2010

Pet Book Lady's Newspaper Debut!

I was totally peached-out to see the article about my business and my passion in our local newspaper, The Vernon Morning Star. (I'm 46 and I still say peached out. Kind of dates me) I was even sporting a good hair day which is usually the exception for me. My... Read more →

National Take Your Dog to Work Day

Being a Heritage Makers Consultant, I have the amazing and fortunate opportunity to work out of my home. That technically makes Oscar (aka Sir Fetch-a-lot) my only employee and trusty office assistant. There are some things he excels at: Paper shredding Alerting me to mail delivery and courier arrivals Looking... Read more →

Guess the Mixed Breed Contest

I always found the world of genetics quite fascinating. Although I never aspired to be an A student in Biology (just got by with a C, if I recall) I still appreciate the science behind it all. Embrace Pet Insurance is having a really fun "Guess the Mystery Breed" Contest... Read more →

Life IS Awesome

I had the fortune of catching a feature this morning on Global BC News, about a very popular book written by Neil Pasricha. The Book of Awesome is just that - a listing of all things awesome that we have in our lives. This is from the website: "From neighbors... Read more →