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April 2010

World of Oliver

I recently had the pleasure of reading a delightful book that is making a difference in the lives of children and animals. (This is from their press release) "Oliver," a heart-warming illustrated children's book, is about Oliver, the Bichon Frise who was diagnosed with Hypothyroid Disease shortly after he was... Read more →

What I Learned at Blogpaws

I recently returned from a wonderful conference in Columbus, Ohio, Blogpaws 2010. It was a gathering of pet bloggers, pet industry leaders and experts, and all around animal-loving people of all ages and backgrounds. The three biggest "A-HA" moments I had from the conference are 1. Bloggers are Storytellers 2.... Read more →

Feeling pretty proud of myself for actually figuring out how to record my very first demo! In this most gripping and inspiring 10 minute recording, you will learn how to create a very cool keepsake bracelet featuring your pet (or non-furry family member(s)). Enjoy! Read more →