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October 2008

Heritage Makers in Canada

As one of the very first Heritage Makers Consultants in Canada, I am so thrilled to see just how far the company has come. I knew the moment I saw these amazing Storybooks that the world would someday embrace the concept of Storybooking and discovering the magic of online publishing.... Read more →

The Puppy Dog Place

This is a fabulous place to find everything you need to know about puppies! Puppy Parenting just got a whole lot easier with The Puppy Dog Place! Just a few more days and Storybooking will be known all over North America thanks to Oprah! I'm so excited knowing thousands of... Read more →

Oprah & Heritage Makers

With the excitement of Oprah loving our company and recognizing the importance of celebrating the stories in our lives, we are poised to be very, very, very busy this Fall. It's been wonderful being part of the company since the (almost) very beginning. I am working on a variety of... Read more →