How to Choose a Vacuum for Dog Hair

Guest Writer: James Hall As a dog owner, you probably feel like you could spend all day cleaning yet still have a home covered in hair. Some dogs shed throughout the year, so removing hair is a continuous battle. For this reason, having a powerful pet vacuum is essential. But... Read more →

Keep Your Pet Safe! - GLOPUP LED Dog Collars & Leashes ~ GIVEAWAY!

On any given day, just imagine how many people are out walking their dogs. Millions. In dog parks, along trails, in the wilderness, on roads and streets in their neighborhoods... And for many, "walkies" have to happen at the end of a work day or before the sun comes up.... Read more →

Forces of Nature - Memoir of Hurricane Katrina Pet Rescue

Forces of Nature is the remarkable story of the courage and commitment of two ordinary women who put their lives, jobs and families on hold to rescue thousands of pets fighting for their lives when Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. Joanne Greene, a former Playboy Bunny, and Penny Koncz, an... Read more →